Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Words We Choose

Whenever I am low on gigs and needing (wanting!) to line up some new ones, I tend to express to anyone who asks, "I HATE that part of the job." And by saying that, I actually have drilled it in my brain pretty hard that in fact I DO hate it. Since I hate it, I therefore avoid it. I instead use alot of my time talking about how much I hate it rather than just getting out there and doing something about it.

When I finally DO get out there and start looking for the new places, making the calls, and talking to people, I find that I really don't hate it at all! I'm not wild about rejection and asking for it seems like something to hate. So I've mistakenly labeled it that.

But the truth is really this:

I am challenged by it. And when new things come my way, I get really excited about it. So I take it back. I don't "hate" that part of my job. I can't wait to line up new stuff! I can't wait to meet some new people! I can't wait to cross paths with people I've never met before.

Words are powerful and I will choose mine more carefully!


trixi said...

You've been tagged. Go to my blog to see more details! Can't wait to find out the weird things about you!

Rrramone said...

I agree with your post. :-) And btw, still not getting your rss feed. Let me know when you talk to your web person!

Kim said...

I could not agree more - it's hard for me to make sales calls, too. But I do love talking with people - business owners - about their problems, and maybe ways I can help them, or find someone who can. My goal is to have more of those conversations and let the "sales" take care of themselves. We'll see...