Thursday, January 18, 2007

Damn Modern Technology!

Today is the first day we've had internet, cable tv, or home phone since Saturday- Madness!!!

I've heard of signals not be strong ENOUGH, but Time Warner told me my signal was TOO STRONG and that's what threw everything off. Apparently, this cold weather shift we had brought on this funky strong signal. I asked if they'd have to re-adjust things when it warmed back up and they said "Probably". Super.

Yesterday we laid in bed listening to the radio (AM at that!) listening to the weather and traffic reports. On top of all the media we couldn't get due to lack of tv and internet, we didn't recieve our paper yesterday because of the weather and so it was pretty obvious how dependent we are on all this media stuff.

It was annoying in ways (mainly missing the exaggerated coverage of the "arctic blast" that I KNOW the tv stations aired yesterday morning, boo hoo) but slightly groovy in others. The phone didn't ring at night. We rented some DVDs of pretty good movies, which we rarely do. I sort of felt like I was on vacation, maybe even out of town, because no one could really get in touch with me. And in a way, I had an excuse for putting some things off and and excuse for everything...Damn technology!

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