Sunday, January 28, 2007

When It Looks Easy

I was watching a squash tournament all day yesterday. It reminded me that the people who make it look easy, are usually the most talented. If it looks hard and as a spectator you're sort of holding your breath hoping they can pull it off, they'll probably get beat out by the guy who looks like he isn't even trying. That goes for sports, music, public speakers,...most things I can think of! Maybe the skill comes natural to the "performer" in the first place, but I'm sure lots of practice goes into making it look so easy.

Then I was watching some national skating championship and noticed again the same things. The best skaters can make doing those triple lutzes (and all the other stuff I don't even know the names of) make someone like me feel like I could at least just skate forward without any problems. But I have tested this, and have accepted that this isn't true. It just looks easy because they've mastered it.

But then some days, no matter how good you are at what your talent is, you might just be "off". And the very next day, you might have the "best" day you've ever had. What's that all about? I think it must be so many things, it can't even be measured or explained. If it could be, your best days would be repeated over and over...

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