Thursday, January 18, 2007

Voices and Fingerprints

I went to UTD to listen to a guitarist and a soprano voice perform some Spanish songs earlier tonight...
As I was listening to the ladies voice, knowing it was technically a good voice, I was thinking about why it didn't appeal to me. And I was thinking that to a lot of other people, it might be appealing.

What makes a good voice a "good"??? I usually wrongly assume that whatever I like, everything from food to music, is what everybody else likes too. Lots of people sing "on key" but phrasing, tone, and so many other things are taken into account to create a singing voice. Lots of times, my favorite voices aren't necessarily the greatest voices- They just have qualities I like. And I guess that is a totally subjective thing.

I know there are lots of voice impersonators out there, but I wonder if voices are like fingerprints...If each one is absolutely unique to all others. Since vocal chords are different sizes, and faces are shaped different, etc. I figure they must all be unique.
Yet another thing in this beautiful life that makes me say, "hmmmmm???"

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