Monday, January 8, 2007

A Rosie View

Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump have been in the "news" so much lately. They are not big fans of each other, and they've been pretty outspoken about it. Since Donald has been promoting the new season of his reality show, he's been on all the talk shows talking about what a loser Rosie is...This all started when she went off on him regarding his pardoning Miss Universe and giving her a second chance after her Paris Hilton-ish behaviour as of late. Rosie was making it clear that for several reasons Donald should not be held as the moral authority.

So now let me say what I think of Rosie:

It may go against popular opinion, but I find that I really like her! Before she was a co-host, I could never stand even accidentally flipping on the View, but once Rosie got on the show, I started watching it sometimes. Now I actually record it daily! I love that Rosie actually says what she thinks and isn't afraid of being diplomatic about it. I still don't like anyone else on the show, and I cannot stand Barbara Walters most of all. She seems stuffy. Everyone else seems to be sucking up to her each day she's on, especially the younger one named Elizabeth. The other one named Joy is just very annoying and seems to complain each day. Rosie just seems funny, nice, AND now because of her, the View gives out great prizes to the audience each day. The View has become Rosie-er! (Did I really just say that?)

I used to watch Rosie's show and thought she was so nice, so funny and seemed like a real person. Once she was off the air and began getting all types of bad press with her haircut fiasco, her magazine flop, her Broadway musical, etc. I somehow bought into it all and started thinking she was kind of gross. But whenever I actually see her on tv, I like her. Now I feel bad that I passed judgment based on what the celebrity news team was reporting.

Last night I saw Donald Trump on some show and of course he was commenting on Rosie. Oddly, I sort of liked him during his interview too. I think just because he too wasn't trying to be diplomatic and say the right and proper things either.

I think Donald and Rosie should just let this go now- They've both received loads of publicity because of it. (I think that WAS Donald's intent, altho I don't think it was Rosie's...)

Back to the love/hate thing I've talked about before. (QUICK REVIEW: I am interested in tv personalities I love or hate, but not so much for the inbetween...) I love Rosie, I'm luke warm about Donald, I can't stand Barbara WHICH MEANS I will continue watching the View but not The Apprentice.

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Rrramone said...

Yea Rosie! Boooo Donald.