Thursday, January 4, 2007

Someone Stole My Cart!!!

I was leisurely doing my shopping at Central Market yesterday. Going through the week is a completely different experience than going on the weekend. Typically, through the week, people aren't rushing around as much, and it's not nearly as crowded. WAY more my speed. But apparently not everyone's!

After doing most of my shopping, I had parked my cart at the edge of the "bulk" area and was picking out and weighing my nuts, because I am nuts about nuts! I kept adding my baggies of measured nuts to my cart. But all of the sudden, I turned to it and it was gone. Madness. I don't know why I did this, but I saw a "foodie"(isn't that the name for the Central Market employees?) and yelled out, "SOMEONE TOOK MY CART!" The foodie, John, totally stepped into action, or rather, he RAN to action. He said, "Yes! I saw her"- and took of running.

I didn't know if I should run with him, or just wait around looking at even more nuts. A minute or so later (altho it seemed like much more) John reappeared with my basket. He pointed to a lady walking quickly ahead of him (not pushing the cart anymore!) and said, "It was her!" I felt so embaressed. For her, for being in such a hurry she ran off with the wrong cart, and for me for wigging out over it enough to have caused a Central Market stir. She looked at me annoyed and said, "Sorry." I know she really meant it. John told me she was in a hurry and grabbed the wrong cart. He found her in "Breads". John is now my favorite employee there- How nice of him to stop what he was doing and help me.

Anyway, it was funny because during the rest of my shopping I kept seeing this lady and I was always just slightly ahead of her and I noticed she kept looking at her watch: while I got my turkey, when I cut my bread cut, and finally when I checked out. I wasn't even in a hurry like she was but yet I still BEAT HER!!!!

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