Tuesday, January 9, 2007

NOT That Girl

Ever since TVLand had it's "That Girl" marathon weekend about a month ago, I have been OBSESSED. I mistakenly THOUGHT I was getting the DVD for Christmas, but, boo hoo, I didn't. So December 26th I ordered the "full series" of the internet for myself.

Lots of companies offered the 1st and 2nd season, but only one offered all 5. They enticed me further by advertising it as "normally $199, now just $149" SOLD. It also said there were 36 DVD. Wow. 36! I've rented a few from Blockbuster while I've been waiting for my own, and just one disc has about 10 episodes so 36 discs sounded delicious. I thought I had found such a bargain. What a Smarty!

Finally, the day arrived!! Today I recieved my package in the mail. I ripped right in and saw that the DVD covers looked oddly different from the one I had rented. And there were only 3 cases for 6 seasons/36 discs?! I opened one up... I was horrified to see these very "homemade" versions- Altho if I had homemade 'em, they would've been a lot cuter than these- Plain white, with just "That Girl" typed on it. But, I still hadn't lost hope completely- It just seemed I had bought something not really legal. I popped the first one in.

Ummm. Yeah. NO!!!!! The picture was equivalent to what you use to get with bunny ears. Fuzzy, bad sound, Ann Marie looked pale. And even worse: commercials included! And then I saw it...a runner at the bottom of my screen saying this was TVLand.

I was frantic. This was a Canadian company. How was I going to get my money back? But then I saw a little card in my packaging that said to call if you have any problems...AND PROBLEMS I HAD!!!

After explaining my woe to the lady on the other end of the phone, she said, "Please realize these are the original TV versions." Well, that sounds good in print because you get tricked into thinking your getting the "real deal" but C'MON!!! And I don't know that I'd call Nick at Night's TVLand "original"! She wanted to send me another copy because maybe I just got a bad one. No, no, no. I wanted my money back. All of it. And I don't want these crummy little DVDs. It was hard to understand with her accent and with the fuzzy reception my phone was getting but I THINK they're refunding my money and I think they're paying the $15 shipping. My fingers are crossed.

What a diservice to "That Girl" this company has done. IT turns out I'm glad I didn't get these for Christmas, as I probably would've been absolutely distraught and might have tried ruining the day for everyone around me.

I've since done a little (better) research and I've found out that Season 1 and 2 were released last year by SHOUT! and I assume the others will follow about every 6 months or so. These are down nicely with the picture being great quality. AND there are bonus features with Marlo Thomas.

So in ordering and recieving my "That Girl" DVDs, I've already had my own "That Girl" moment. And now, just as Anne Marie always does, I am working out this little problem and will soon be living happily ever after!

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Rrramone said...

You are SO That Girl. :-)