Monday, August 21, 2006

What's It All About, Alfie?

Today I shared the waiting room at my endocrinologist's office with in older couple who looked to be in their 70's. I was killing time while I waited reading a book. But I was so distracted (in the best way) by this couple.

When they first came in, the woman asked her husband (of course, I'm just assuming this was her husband but I feel sure I'm right...) if he could help her put a band-aid on her elbow. "Well, yes ma'am!" he answered so sweetly. It was really just this simple exchange between the two of them, that for reasons I really don't understand, completely moved me to tears.

Maybe they reminded me of an older version of my own parents when I would go with Mom and Dad to Mom's doctor's appointments during her experience with cancer. I think I realized my parents never got to grow quite that old together...

Or maybe it was emotional to me simply because of the sweetness of growing old with someone that you love, and hoping that I get to experience that. I tend to look at aging as something to dread, but I am filled with hope when I see how good it can look, like it did in this couple today.

I realize my strong emotion of this very small event seems out of proportion. But even now as I write about it I feel very emotional again... I wonder what that is really all about?

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