Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sweet Potato Fries

In the past year, this is my best food discovery. I had my first sweet potato fry at the West Village Burger. They are the reason I kept going back there because the burgers aren't that great, and the people who work their are almost always rude to me but the sweet potato fries trump all of that and keep me coming back.

Then last night I met my friend at Cafe Express and much to my delight (and I do NOT use the term "delight" loosely EVER), they had sweet potato fries.

The BEST place, though, to get the sweet potato fries is Cafe Lago, BY FAR. Perfect crispy-ness, lots of them, PLUS they are always accompanied by other great food! (And I am NOT just saying that because I play there on Friday nights!)

Sweet pototoes have loads of nutritional value. Yes, I know, fries are well...fried. But I still think they've got to be healthier than just the run of the mill standard french fry. And actually, who cares about that part of it anyway???

"Oh Lord I feel fine today...Walking on cloud nine today
It's strictly on account of my SWEET POTATO FRIES!"

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