Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Non-Domesticated Family

My brother found some tiny kitties living down inside one of his outdoor flower pots. Unfortunately, the Mom Cat ran away as soon as he began watering his plant and the kitties were left behind.

So my brother, Brad, became the foster parent for these two kitties. He named them Salt and Pepper at first because we used to have bunnies when we were kids, one black/ one white...Just like these kitties. But soon, Salt became Snowflake, because it just fit her.

He called a vet to find out how to take care of these little babies. They figured since they had just barely opened their eyes, they were about a week old. They looked like little hamsters they were so teeny. Smaller then my hand! He brought them over to my house yesterday evening and together we fed them special milk out of a dropper.

These little kitties were just so helpless...We were falling in love with Snowflake and Pepper. We couldn't tell, but we decided Snowflake was a girl, and Pepper was a boy.

The vet had told my brother that the Mom Cat might not come back and if so, he'd need to feed them for a while until they got older and better able to fend for themselves.

Last night he put them back in the flower pot to see if the Mom Cat would return...and guess what? SHE DID!!! Not only that, today my brother saw not only the Mom Cat with the two babies, but the Tom Cat too! A happy little family of four! They hissed at him as he came near them. Little did they know, he had been Snowflake and Peppers foster parent for a day.

When he told me about seeing all 4 of them, my first thought was, "Oh good! I'm glad they have a dad around too!" Kids and kitties seem happier when both parents are around!

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