Sunday, August 27, 2006

Throw Your Own Party

Tonight I went to my friend Wendy's birthday party. She made up these really cute invitations and she gave me mine when I saw her the other day. It had this hilarious picture of here as a baby with this huge head of hair and it said "Being 38 is Great". It then went on telling us the time and the place of her party. Well, the party was great fun and here are the lessons I learned regarding adult birthday parties:

First of all...YES! Embrace your age, whatever it is, and know that it's GREAT!
I've wasted a lot of time, way too much time, worrying about my age as I get older. I get the impression my friend mainly just feels blessed with all the days she is given.

Secondly- CELEBRATE...not just birthdays but tons of moments along the way, which I feel pretty sure Wendy might just be the queen of. Once you're an adult, so many people just stop making a big deal out of their birthday. This seems wrong. That was one of the favorite holidays when I were a kid and it still should be! I'm just as worthy of that celebration now I was then!

And thirdly, THROW YOUR OWN PARTY!!! I called Wendy when we were on our way to her party. She was saying how excited she was about her party and all her friends coming to help her celebrate. I think it is so cool that she thought up her party agenda, made up her fabulous guest list, and then combined her different groups of friends to make such a fun party. We started off at Al's Pizza and then went to Whirlyball. (See above photo of Whirlyball in action!) I asked if she had planned all of this and she said yes, adding, "You can either wait for your friends to throw a party for you, or you can just throw it yourself!"

It was Wendy's 38th birthday party and she threw a great party for herself and her friends!!! I gotta get her back by throwing my own party when my birthday rolls around!

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