Sunday, August 13, 2006

New School Year

I used to be a teacher. I taught 1st and 2nd grade. Since I'm not a teacher now, I don't keep up with when it's out, and when it begins each year. But a friend mentioned today that one of our mutual friends who is a teacher goes "back to school" this week. WHEW. I can remember what the beginning of the school year felt like. I can remember from a student's perspective and a teacher's perspective, and for me anyway, they were very similiar.

I was always excited for a new school year. I had big aspirations of staying organized and on top of stuff. That never got past about the first 6 weeks though. But that's the cool thing about school- You've got lots of new beginnings- Lot's of time to make "resolutions".

I loved getting fresh new supplies. I loved getting back into the swing of things. I loved seeing who was going to be in my class each year. I loved going on the shopping spree Mom would take me on before school started each year.

And more than any of that, I love it, right now, that I am not as frantically busy as teachers are at the beginning of a school year. I'm am still in the middle of my summer! :)

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