Saturday, August 19, 2006


Today I went to Northpark Mall so I could see the movie "Little Miss Sunshine". (Read my review in my "Reviews" section if ya wanna!!) The parking lot was PACKED. Once I got inside and saw the crowds of people and heard the music, I remembered that there was a "Model Search" going on up there today!

There was a catwalk type of thing set up and they were having a fashion show. I walked as fast as I could without it being called running to get there. There were so many people I couldn't really get close enough to see it anyway. But right as I got up there, it was OVER. Whaaa. Whaaa. What a disappointment.

I am so curious about the whole fascination with modeling. I don't consider myself shy, but I know that posing and having so many eyes on me would never be a good time for me. I have no problems getting my picture taken with people, BUT I realized a few months ago that having my picture taken alone is just akward. I had to have my picture taken for something (entering a modeling contest, which I lost, which is why I have such an aversion to the whole idea of this...just kidding!), and even though my friends were taking my picture I just felt so stupid. Afterwards I was thinking that might just be one of the worst jobs in the world for me.

So I would've just liked to have watched these young, aspiring models. I wonder if that's fun for them? Apparently, lots of people like to watch because there were tons of spectators. But what else are you going to do when it's on the 2nd solid week of over 100 degree temperatures?

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