Sunday, August 20, 2006

Public Napping

Today I treated myself to a yoga class called "Restorative Yoga". I went into it knowing it was going to be gentle and relaxing but I had NO idea to what extent!!!

When we first walked into the class, we were told to grab 4 blankets, this huge pillow, a lavender-smelling bean bag for covering our eyes, 2 blocks, a belt, and a 10 pound sand pillow.

We basically used all of this equipment to make us extremely confortable during our 1 1/2 session of public napping. The instructor would tell us how to position ourselves and have us lay in each position for about 10 minutes.

I can remember when I use to take Yoga classes and I felt so antsy during the relaxation portion of the class. Apparently I've changed a lot since then. I really didn't feel antsy at all. I felt sort of like I do when I get a message. Almost asleep...but not quite. In fact, a few times I think I heard a little snore come out of me.

By the end of the class, I didn't even want to have to get in my car to drive home. I didn't want to ruin this vegged out feeling! It's funny how rare it is to just lay there and relax and do NOTHING. And to think that it's so good for us and necessary! So I will happily pay my $15 for this cozy public napping from time to time. What luxury!

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The Tart said...

You go girl!

Sound like a fun Art Date!!

The Tart