Tuesday, February 13, 2018

These Boots Were Made for Walking!... in the SNOW!

today's walk in the park- everything looks prettier with a little icing on top!
While there's still some snow on the ground today, which makes all things even more beautiful- it's already melted off of the streets, sidewalks and most of the walking paths.  So for today, my normal hiking shoes were great.  But I don't have any warm and waterproof shoes. Next time it snows, I want to be ready to run around and play in it.  This time, I had to just watch from the sidelines as Lucy and Ricky had their fun.

I've been searching for a while.  Before we even came out to Denver I was on the hunt.  But I kept passing on them because, well, in Dallas I just couldn't bring myself today throw down the cash for snow boots I guess.  I also expected to have a better and wider selection once I got to a cooler climate.

Today, after looking online a little for me last night, Fermin drove us to REI for a pair of boots that looked like everything I said I wanted. And MORE.

Sorel "Joan of Arctic" boots + REI socks
They're waterproof, warm, furry, cute AND they were on sale!

My sister had given me a pair of warm hiking socks from REI for Christmas that I love so much, I bought a second pair today.  We figured a new pair of swanky socks to go with my boots made perfect sense.

I wanted to wear my new boots out of the store, but it's a warm and sunny 57 degrees today so Fermin encouraged me not to.  I can't wait for our next day of snowy weather.  Next time, I'll be ready.

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