Monday, February 5, 2018


Here's the quick daily check in:

We went to look at a possible place to begin renting in March today- It would be so much better than where we are currently staying BUT (because, there's always some kind of but it seems) it's more expensive.  Quite a bit more.  And so... we may have to pass.

But I love the location.  It feels much more like the way I think of Colorado.  It's at the foothills of mountains.  There's not only sidewalks on the street, but trails within walking distance.  It's the kind of area I'd actually love to live in, permanently. It's got a nice, big fenced yard. The house is huge. Actually, much larger than we need.  So roomy that once we need to store stuff after our Dallas house sells, we could just store it in the downstairs unused and unfurnished rooms.

Anyway, I'm sort of in a sad mood about it.  I was hoping the guy would offer us a better discounted rate since we would be staying longer than just a few days.  It's available now through August, so it could end up that we'd be there quite a long time.  Or... no time at all.  :(

It's just a house.  And it's just temporary.  So I don't want to get too emotionally attached to thinking this is the place we have to be in for the next several months.  I can suck it up and live with much less.

But I'm sad.  I'll admit it.  There don't seem to be many decent options on rentals for us.  But maybe new ones will pop up.  Sooner than later, please.

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