Thursday, February 8, 2018

More Parks!

I ran out of time, and never got around to posting yesterday.  But I forgive myself. ;)

Yesterday, Ricky and I ventured out on a little field trip while Fermin had a phone interview at home.  (Lucy stuck around the house with Fermin because she's loves and admires him so much, I figured she was the best to offer quiet support.)

First, we went to James A. Bible Park for a walk.  There was a nice walking path around the park, and also a huge field to run around in. I should have brought a ball or a frisbee. From now on, I'll keep one in the car with me!
My handsome Ricky Ricardo, taking a breather, and striking a pose.

Deep thoughts in a large field.
He was such a good boy, and we had still a little more time to kill.  So, we stopped in a pet store where he got to pick out a treat for he and Lucy.  He chose tracheas to chew on, and a ball within a ball to play with.  Lucy loved the ball in ball toy.  Ricky always picks out the best gifts for his girl Lucy! We have yet to get out the tracheas, but they've had those before and I know they will love them. Yum + Gross.

I'm a creature of habit, and today I realized we've been walking in our neighborhood and going to our neighborhood park every single day because it's so nice.  This was the first day we drove to a different park for our walk.  But there are so many parks within just a short driving distance.  And while the car drive is just a little extra trouble and time, it's worth it- and we need to explore as much as we can!  So- more parks are in our future. 

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