Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Forest

I could post only pictures of pretty scenes on my blog, of places and things I've seen so far here in Denver.  But it would be a misrepresentation.  And I could write about how awesome each day is, but that would really not be the whole story.

I love trees and take pictures of them often.  But not all trees are pretty. Like this one, for example. 
I see this tree every single day.  Many times throughout the day, actually. It's the one big tree in the front yard of the house we're staying in currently.  It looks menacing to me, like the mean tree in "The Wizard of Oz".

Today, I Marco Polo-ed my friend twice, deleting each of my video messages because I worried she'd be concerned I was falling into a dark abyss. Maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but I had a lot of negative talk going on inside my head, and I decided it was best for it not come out of my mouth, and not recorded onto a video message for sure.  Fortunately, later in the day, the mood passed.

But the truth is, nothing's all good, or all bad.  I like to keep things happy and light on the blog, but I also want to note that this is a weird transitional time in life- and although it's exciting, it's also scary and sometimes not all that awesome.

Housing costs here are so high here compared to Dallas, and that feels a little deflating at times.  We are living in a very temporary living situation, and although I know it will change again soon and hopefully feel better, I also know we've got a long way to go before we find a real home.  And being the homebody that I am, this can make me feel slightly crazy and very unsettled.  Other than some clothes, there is nothing we brought from home other than ourselves and our sweet dogs.  Obviously, we have the most important things, but things aren't homey.  YET.

I'd like to be in charge of a timeline as we go along, but that's an impossible idea.  Things will just happen when they happen.  And I know that.  But sometimes, I want to control things that I cannot.

Some trees aren't all that pretty.  I just gotta keep focused on the whole forest, because most of the trees are just beautiful!

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