Thursday, February 22, 2018


After all the fun in Fort Collins, we all came home happy and tired.

But then, we could tell Lucy wasn't feeling great, and we became a bit concerned.  Especially, her BFF, Ricky.
this is the face of concern❤️

She was clearly having tummy problems.  Since Monday was a snowy (and icy!) day, we missed our normal lengthy walks. Because of this, I wasn't totally up on what her poop was looking like, of if she was in fact pooping at all.  But I noticed she was wanting to be let out- and often.  I got to thinking about all that water she drank from the reservoir over the weekend.  I figured she had a little bug but would be okay.  She's always had a tough tummy and I've never known her to have any problems.

Until... Monday night/Tuesday morning, she would whine about every hour on the hour to be let outside.  We noticed that she was running around, pacing in the snow, trying to poop, but nothing was coming out.  Oh shit.  Well, no shit.
this is the face of a tired Lucy after having a pretty sleepless night💙
I looked online about how to treat doggy constipation.  One of the things, that seemed very harmless and potentially helpful, was canned pumpkin.  So Fermin went to the store and bought a can.  And we also made sure she was drinking plenty of water.  

I thought for sure we were going to have to take her to a vet.  Of course, I don't know a vet here yet. But I did have someone recommend one to me, in case it came to that.

But finally the canned pumpkin, the water, and the encouragement did the trick. We saw Lucy having diarrhea in the yard.  And you have never heard people get that excited about their dog having diarrhea.  I know it was a big relief for her.  And for us. 

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