Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Feeling More at HOME

I've mentioned on my blog many times before, not only my love of books, but also, of the public library.  I would go to my local branch at least once a week in Dallas. Not yet having an address here in Denver, and not knowing if we will anytime soon, I've been a little nervous about how long I might have to go without a library in my life.

Another bonus about the neighborhood we are currently staying in (which I wrote all about here in case you missed it): We are just blocks from a library.  I stumbled upon it one day while walking the dogs.  And I've had plans ever since to go back for a visit. 

Today was that day.  I took my computer with me, thinking that if nothing else, I could get a little writing done in a quiet place.  I wasn't sure I would be allowed to get a library card, or check out anything since I'm not a bonafide Denver resident yet.  I'm just a renter.  Without a Denver address of my own.

BUT I got a provisional card.  Which means that I can check out 3 items at a time, as opposed to 100 (as if!?!) once I have a local address. I got to choose which design of a card I wanted.  That's a step up from the boring, one-and-only design Dallas has offered.  OF COURSE, I chose the one with the cute bear on it!
my denver public library card!
I had already started a new book on my Kindle this morning, but I went ahead and checked out my first book at the library today because they had such a great selection and I just couldn't resist the look, feel and sound of this one.
my first check-out at the DPL ❤️
It's true what I've heard about wanting and needing things that make a new place feel like home, and for me, a nice nearby library is huge.  Thanks Colorado- I have yet another reason to love you.

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