Friday, January 20, 2017

Why 2 is Better Than 1 (When We're Talking about Days of an Estate Sale)

Show me the way!
Last night I got online and looked up local estate sales.  I was jonesing for some vintage jewelry, because as I mentioned in a previous post, I can't seem to get enough of it ever.  In the pictures listed about this sale I was interested in, there looked to be at least three tables full of vintage costume jewelry.

It is ON!

Today was day 2 for this sale, which is both good and bad. It's bad because it's an entire day that other people got to look at all the sparkly things, and maybe buy them, before I had a chance. But it's also good because some sales, like this one, mark things at a discounted price on the 2nd day.  Everything at the house I went to today was 25% off.

There weren't 3 tables of jewelry anymore.  But there was about 1/3 of one table full of costume jewelry, most of it from the 1950s and 1960s.  There prices were okay, but they were made better thanks to the 25% off deal.  All of the necklaces were way over priced, but I was able to snag a couple pairs of earrings, pins and brooches.  I came home with quite a haul. Look!
1950s and 1960s costume jewelry score!
Not too bad!  I asked the sellers if yesterday they had as much jewelry as the online pictures had implied. They told me that yes!, there had been a lot of jewelry but that the crowd was huge, ladies were pushing each other into the jewelry tables, and everyone was complaining about the long line out the door too get in.  Oh yuck.  I'll happily take Day 2 with 25% discounts and much lighter crowds.  There were plenty of treasures left by the time I got there. And I didn't get pushed once!

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