Sunday, January 15, 2017

"Perfect" Starring Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta 1985

This video started it all...

I saw it on Facebook at the beginning of last week.  I can't actually count how many times I've watched it, but it was a great pick-me-up anytime I had needed a little break while working on the computer last week.

I found out it was from some movie called "Perfect", and all week, I looked forward to renting it (thank you, Amazon) and seeing if the movie could possibly live up to the hype of this shorter video clip.

Shockingly, it did. I have a few comedies that make me laugh until my belly aches- (Waiting for Guffman, Zoolander, the original Dumb and Dumber) and I have to say, although this isn't a comedy, the way it's aged since 1985 has morphed it into a very, very funny movie.
I can't imagine how Jamie Lee Curtis was able to pull some of these aerobic thrusting scenes and those faces she made without laughing.  And I wonder what that's like for her to watch it now, with her husband, Christopher Guest beside her.  I only wish he would decide to make some sort of a movie spoof on this whole premise. 

That premise being... How the co-ed workout clubs of the 80s were the new singles scene at the time. I guess men and women working out together in the same athletic club was very cutting edge at the time. I love the leotards.  Everyone's legs looked so long!  I think aerobic "dance" classes were probably a new concept then too, and one of the main moves in the choreography was the pelvic thrust.  It was used often and suggestively throughout the movie.  These scenes would go on for a good 5 minutes, and there were several of them.

Anyway, it may not have been a good movie when it came out, but now, 32 years later, it's pretty mesmerizing.  You will not be bored I promise.

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Valerie said...

Haha! You got to see it! I'll have to watch again at some point--I can't believe I actually saw it in the first place. To my credit, I think it was on VHS and not in the theater. So funny!