Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The New Celebrity Apprentice

The host of The Celebrity Apprentice is no longer Donald Trump.  And the catch phrase is no longer, "You're Fired!"
You're Fired

Because, as you know, that guy has gone on to be the President-Elect of the United States.

Now, the host is Arnold Schwarznegger.  And he doesn't fire people... He instead tells them, "You're terminated. Get to the chopper."  Yes.  It's true.  He even threw in a, "Hasta la vista, Baby."

You're terminated.
I was thinking just how stinky that board room must be, as he lights up a cigar towards the end of the show. He also insists that the "celebrities" refer to him as Governor in the board room.  Even though he's no longer the Governor of California.  Hmmm.

Is this real life?


Valerie said...

Ugh. I refuse to watch, so thanks for the update!

Kerri said...

it's got some pretty over the top "celebrities" too- lots of reality tv people. d list celebs.