Monday, January 23, 2017

Art Begets Art

I love going to live performance events.  So when a friend asked me to go see Pilobolus, a modern dance group I had never heard of, I said yes.

I was more than pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it, and how inspiring the whole thing was.  It was visually and creatively stunning.  Here's a little except of the show they are currently touring in the US now, called ShadowLand.

The music was the perfect compliment to the dancing and visual imagery. My friend and I noticed on the program that it was all written and performed by one artist.  And his name, like the dance group, was one I had never heard before... David Poe. 

I've been listening to everything he has on Apple Music since finding out about him that night. The collection of songs from the "God and the Girl" CD is the one that I have not been able to stop listening to- it's very stripped down, intimate, acoustic... And oh, I could listen to a few of those songs over and over and over. And I have been.

There are so many talented artists in the world, it's impossible to know of all of them, but I really can't believe I've never come across David Poe before.  So glad to have gotten a chance to see Shadowland- for the dancing, the music, and the inspiration it brought me.  I just finished writing a song that I probably wouldn't have taken the time to capture had I not been sitting around, figuring out how to play David's song called, "Honeymoon".

Art begets art.

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