Sunday, January 29, 2017

What High School Taught Me

Last night we went with some friends to see a high school production of Beauty and the Beast.

The girl who played Belle came out for her bow at the end of the show, with the rest of the cast, and of course, she got a huge applause.  She was crying, I'm assuming, because she was overjoyed and proud of herself.  And we all know what a great feeling that is.

Whenever I see one of these high school musicals, it makes me regret that I wasn't in choir or drama, and that I never once tried out for anything.  I was so afraid of rejection and failure, that I thought I was better off not to even try.

I played it safe, and I never risked making a fool of myself. I'm sure I missed out on so many things because of this.  And oh, what a waste.

But, I can still learn from this lesson so that one day I'll won't look back on the age I am right now and think "Oh, why didn't I try __________?"

I still fear rejection.  Age doesn't solve that problem. But stepping out of your comfort zone helps you become more brave every time you do it.  I'm wise enough to know that is true.

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Valerie said...

This is something I need to work on. I apologize all. the. time. I'm the type of person that apologizes when someone else bumps into me. I hate that I do that. Usually the words are out of my mouth before I have a chance to think about it.