Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Field Tripping and Being Social

When Lucy and Ricky were a little younger, I took them on lots of field trips.  Besides going to nearby parks, and White Rock Lake, I'd alternately take one of them to dog friendly places like Home Depot, Half Priced Books, or Pet Supplies Plus.
Little Lucy and Ricky at Starbucks
But because there's only so much time in each day, I've gotten a little lazy, and these days they mainly just get a couple of walks in the neighborhood each day.
But sometimes walks are a little boring.  :(
After taking Ricky with us to Rusty Taco over the weekend, I realized this is absolutely not enough. Ricky seems to have turned into a little monster.  Onlookers that saw (or heard) him as he got out of the car in the Rusty Taco parking lot can attest to this.  He was screaming like a banshee.  I think his pupils may have even dilated he was so overly excited.  I think it was the combination of the smell of tacos along with all the friendly faces.

But it was not cute.

At all.

So we're back to field tripping.

It may not be fun at first.  And it may not be pretty.  But Ricky's got to get over this.

It's funny.  Lucy use to be the one that seemed a little nervous in public.  But I've taken her out a few times the past couple of weeks on errands with me, and she has been a perfect angel.  Unlike Ricky, Lucy seems to be mostly focused on me, and just being a good girl.

Ricky on the other hand, doesn't seem to even know I'm there.  The over-powering scents of food and new people just send him into a frenzy for the first few minutes of being in a new place.

But he'll get over it.  It's my fault, and I know it.  He just needs more experiences of being immersed in crowds of people and taco smells.  Soon enough, he'll remember these other smells are no more enticing than ME!
"Excuse me, do you have a taco?"


Valerie said...

I love the caption: "Excuse me, do you have a taco"? :o)

Kerri said...

lol! thanks, valerie! :)