Friday, June 27, 2014

Money Bags

Seriously, Andrew Chow, leave me alone.

I got your first email, and wasn't really buying into it, and then you sent me another this week...
Remember?  Here it is, in case you forgot:

I am a Diplomat named Mr.Andrew Chow  mandated to deliver your inheritance to you in your country of residence. The funds total US$15.5 Million and you were made the beneficiary of these funds by a benefactor whose details will be revealed to you after handing over the funds to you in accordance with the Agreement I signed with the benefactor when he enlisted my assistance in delivering the funds to you. I am presently at JFK Airport in the United States of America and before I can deliver the funds to you, you have to reconfirm the following information so as to ensure that I am dealing with the right person.
1.Full Name
2.Residential Address
5.Direct Telephone Numbers
After verification of the information with what I have on file,I shall contact you so that we can make arrangements on the exact time I will be bringing your package to your residential address. Send the requested information so that we can proceed.
Mr.Andrew chow

So, no.  I'm just going to pass on the $15.5 million dollars.  It sounds complicated, dealing with that much money.  I'm good, but thanks anyway.  I appreciate the offer to deliver the cash over to my house though. ;)

Does anyone really fall for this stuff?!?!

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