Monday, June 9, 2014

Ballgowns and Bathings Suits- A Recap of Miss USA 2014

MISS USA (of 2013, I think), and Donald Trump
When I was a little girl, I sorta lived for Miss USA.  Or was it Miss America?  And honestly, what's the difference and which is which?!  I probably watched them both and just didn't realize it.

The only difference I can figure between the two prestigious award shows is the "There She Is, Miss America" song, which I have learned, is no longer used anyway.  So who cares?

I watched the 2014 Miss USA 3 hour show last night.  3 hours of watching 51 women (because in the pageant world, D.C. is a state), which was soon cut down to 20 women, walking around onstage in ballgowns, and eventually bikinis. 
Non-Twig, Miss Indiana
That took up about the first 2 hours and 45 minutes of the show. 

Once they got down to the final 6 contestants, the girls had to answer a question, read to them by one of the judges.  Painful?  Yes, a little.  Funny? Most definitely so.  Miss Nevada was asked her tricky question (which she only had 30 grueling seconds to answer)  by judge Rumor Willis.  Her question was, "Why has evidence of sexual assault on college campuses been swept under the carpet?” Her response was basically that colleges want to protect their reputations.

Slam dunk, Miss Nevada!

And with that, she was crowned the winner!  Yay!

Miss USA 2014

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