Friday, June 6, 2014

My Vintage Finds at Dallas Estate Sales

This is actually a "part one" of my recent estate sale finds.  I took these photos of a few things I found last week but forgot to post until now.  I found some cool stuff yesterday too, but will need to get those photographs taken later this afternoon!  So there's more coming, but for now...
2 vintage necklaces, and one vintage pin
yes, the pin is cute...
Ok, so I paid a little too much for the carved flower bead necklace but I have an idea for using those beads to make some earrings, and I just couldn't resist!

And although I think the silver and white pin is super cute, I'll admit, the main reason I had to buy it was because it was still in it's original box.  I just thought it was so cute.  I just wish I knew where it came from, and exactly when!  It's not a stamped piece of jewelry so researching it's history would be pretty impossible. But it's clear, it's was meant especially for me!
...but it was this box it came in that I just couldn't walk away from!
I think I went to 3 estate sales that day, and this was all I came home with.  But like I've said before, it's always fun looking even if I don't buy much!

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