Monday, June 23, 2014

Bon Voyage, Sarah!

For several years, I had a cellist that accompanied me at  many gigs, played on 2 of my CDs, and became a very good friend along the way.

Sarah and I had fallen out of touch over the past year, until I got a party invitation from her last week, with her new last name on the return address.  She's married a very cute German man, is moving (tomorrow) to Germany, and is having a baby girl in October!! 
Mr. & Mrs.
We went to her Bon Voyage party yesterday.  It was so fun, and funny-- meeting her husband, seeing their huge smiles, and that baby girl growing in her belly!  Life can change so fast.

Although I hadn't called her in over a year, I thought I could call her anytime, tell her to grab her cello and join me at a gig.

Now that I know she's moving, and so far away, I realize, I may never get the honor of playing with her again.  And although I am so happy for her, it just makes me so sad.  Weepy even.

I've gotten further and further away from being a gigging musician over the past couple of years and this is just another door that seems to be closing on that chapter of my life.

So I'm feeling nostalgic.  And I'm looking back to those days.  And I'm just so happy I had those opportunities.  And I'm so glad that for some of it, Sarah was right there beside me. 

Here's an old video, one of our early little gigs together at Central Market, performing my song, "Walk Beside Me".

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