Friday, May 30, 2014

Enid Collins Handbags

I love 1960s fashion.

And I'm a Texas girl.

So of course, I love Enid Collins vintage handbags.  I've collected them for years.

Enid Collins, in her studio!

If you're not familiar with Enid Collins, she designed and actually made these really gorgeous jeweled handbags, primarily in the 1950s and 1960s.  Some were canvas and leather "bucket bags", and others were wooden "box purses".  The designs are simple, yet blingy and beautiful with all those adornments.  Hollywood loved these bags, and owning one (or several) became something of a status symbol back in the day!

Here are a few links to learn and see more of Enid Collins and her designs.  First, a Pinterest board that's a pretty awesome tribute HERE.  Next, an interview with her son, so you can learn a little more about her HERE

The following pictures are 4 Enid Collins Purses from my own collection that I am selling in my Resparkable Vintage shop over at the ETSY site.  They're all in great vintage condition and they are all very special!  If you'd like to see more pictures and details about any of the bags, just click the link beneath the photos.  So fun!
Enid Collins "Jamboree" Bucket Bag

Enid Collins "Cable Car" Bucket Bag

Enid Collins "Cable Car' Box Purse
Enid Collins "Pavan" Bucket Bag

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Enid Collins Handbags were always my favorite one to have, I have been working at to get some exceptional and classy bags like they have been introducing, Thanks again for the share