Monday, May 19, 2014

Music Monday- Paramore "Ain't It Fun"

I love this song-  It sounds so fun and happy, but lyrically, it isn't happy.  Which I think is cool.  The official video on YouTube is pretty annoying, altho I do think the singer is visually so cool looking- That bright red hair against some of those gray images is striking.  But the thing of setting dumb world records during the video was such a distraction for me.  So I'll post that one, but also a lyrical video someone has made that was sorta nice.

The self titled Paramore CD that "Ain't It Fun" is on reminds me a lot of No Doubt/Gwen Stephani.  The cool thing about the singer, Hayley Williams is she can make her voice sound totally different for different styles of songs.  There's a few more quiet songs that you realize she has a really nice tone to her voice.  This song, "Ain't It Fun", however, is my favorite.  Sometimes I immediately just hit "repeat" I like it so much!

Happy Monday!  Ain't it fun?!


Valerie said...

Love that song! I kept hearing it over the weekend. I told my sister that it reminds me of some stuff out of the 80s. I hadn't really paid attention to the lyrics, but they remind me of some of the Millenials in my office. They're going to have to learn about the real world one of these days.

Valerie said...

Paramore was on Idol should be able to find it on YouTube in a day or two. They're one of the finalists' favorite bands and she got to sing Ain't It Fun with them. And it was fun. :o)

Kerri said...

oh Valerie, thank you so much for telling me! i'd love to see that. Yes, it is sorta 80s- she's right! the other song of theirs i LOVE is "i'm into you"- have you heard it?

Kerri said...

I just watched the idol good. Loved Hayley's shirt, "be nice..." (Front) "..or go away" (back)