Friday, May 16, 2014

Goodbye Babs!

I just finished watching "The View".  Which may sound a little decadent, indulgent and even lazy,... watching tv, in the morning, on a Friday.

But I knew it was a historical day in television.  Today was Barbara Walters' last time to appear as a host on the show she created nearly 20 years ago.  This day also marks the end of her long history on network tv.

All these years I've watched "The View", I was never much of a Barbara fan. In fact, I have never really liked her at all.  She seemed a little stuffy.  I felt like she was trying to show her funny and "real" side on the show, and I just couldn't buy into it. 

But, after this week of watching her final shows, I have become a fan, somehow.  It shifted for me when she seemed to be so surprised and flattered that Jimmy Kimmel stopped by and brought her roses one day.  For Barbara to get that excited over Jimmy was just really sweet.  (I would get at least that excited over Jimmy Kimmel bringing me roses, but c'mon, she's Barbara Effing Walters!) Once my opinion of her shifted a little, I then started noticing how humble she was being when people would thank her for all she's done for women on television.  She seemed so genuinely flattered, thankful, and even a little embarrassed by all the kind words. 

True to Barbara Walters form, her very final words to her audience today were a plug to watch her Primetime special later tonight on ABC.

I've already set my DVR.  Because now that she's leaving, I'm kind of a fan.

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