Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Belated and Celebrated

My actual birthday this year wasn't so grand-  any day that starts out with a plumbing backup and then having to have a plumber out is not great.  In fact, it's kind of shitty!  After that got taken care of, I rushed off to my yoga class.  But my least favorite yoga teacher was subbing for my favorite yoga teacher.  And I had to leave the class early due to low blood sugar problems.

But aside from those minor mishaps, the days surrounding my birthday were very happy and celebrated!

I got to go out to many dinners with great friends, I got two massages!!- one at a spa, and one at my Chinese foot reflexology place I go to often, Lucy and Ricky were on their sweetest behavior all week,  I received flowers, gifts, and cards from my very sweet and thoughtful friends, and Fermin played hooky from work one day to spend with me. 

Happy, happy, happy...

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