Thursday, July 25, 2013

Estate Sales in Dallas This Weekend

no ninos!! furry, or otherwise!
It's time for the weekly edition of Estate Sales in Dallas This Weekend...

I was intending to just stop by one estate sale this afternoon that was near my house.  It was by the "Lucy and Ethel Do Estate Sales" people.  In the email I read, they said it was small, but they used words like antique and vintage to describe the stuff for sale, so of course, how could I resist?  Clearly, I could not. By the way, there email also said (in all caps!) "NEVER EVER BRING CHILDREN OR PETS".  So Lucy and Ricky had to stay home. 

But they probably would've eaten some stuff and it just would've cost me more, so maybe we're all better off with them resting at home instead!

Happily, it wasn't that small.  Although you couldn't go in all rooms of the house, there was plenty in the rooms you could go into. I found this very unique music box.  First of all, I've never seen one with metal horses circling around.  But secondly, and most importantly, it plays "King of the Road".  KING. OF. THE. ROAD.  Not the typical music box song!  GREATNESS.
I also found these beautiful vintage buttons.
vintage rhinestone buttons
I also stumbled upon a couple more vintage trinkets I felt I couldn't possibly live without...

a little vintage pin-  made to look like ivory
lilac and silver vintage pin
vintage gerbera daisy clip earrings
I also bought these teeny tiny silver spoons.  Each one is has a different headstock on it.  I have got to figure out a way to incorporate these into some repurposed vintage jewelry.  They are so cool!
I'm in love! I'm in love!
vintage silver salt spoons
The woman at the check out told me to tell all my friends about this sale, so Friends, I'm telling you!  It's going on now thru Saturday at 3pm, located in the Lakewood area of Dallas.  The address is 6875 CarolynCrest.

I felt like my luck was pretty good today and going home too soon would just be wrong. So I picked another sale to go to, located in Richardson, close to where I grew up.  I'm always willing to drive out that's not that far, and it sends me back in time.

Although I didn't find a whole lot at this house for me, it's definitely worth checking out!  The owner of the home and his wife have been storage warriors before Storage Wars were even cool!  They have a warehouse full of stuff that they will be bringing in to sell over the course of the next two weeks.  They've decided to sell everything, buy a Merry Miler, and travel!  The man, Carl, was really nice and I feel like you could get some good deals!  They'd just like to get rid of this stuff, and apparently, they've got lots of it.  Here's what I found, for a steal!! 
more vintage pins..because I could never have too many!
They're located at 6875 La Manga in Richardson.  Like I said, it's going on this weekend and next.

Hope you have time to get out to these and/or many other estate sales listed in the Dallas area this weekend!  Happy hunting...

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Lis said...

oh my friend! you are welcome to come to my home and sift through the goodies that I have inherited from my mother! So many treasures and alas, not enough space to give them their due share. If I only entertained more! And I love the Landfill Harmonic Orchesta! Sharing that with my girl!

xo to you and the pups (I know, they are full grown now ...)