Thursday, July 18, 2013

3 Estates Sales to Check Out in Dallas This Week

I typically hit estate sales on Thursdays and/or Fridays.  The up side of that is I get to see the stuff on the first day it's available.  The down side is that there aren't any mark downs, and I can't do much (if any) price negotiating.  But I kinda hate to haggle anyway, so really, it's all good.

So I thought I would start blogging about the estate sales I thought were worth visiting each week/weekend, if you're into that, and you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  Most estate sales run about 3 days, with mark downs beginning on the 2nd day of the sale.  More than likely, you still find great stuff and you'll get it for a better price than I could have by being an early bird!

This morning, I went to 3 estate sales, and all of them had lots of 1950s-1970s stuff-  Clothes, artwork, furniture, etc.  That's a sweet era for me.  All of these are in Dallas, mainly in the Lake Highlands area.

First, I went to one at 9710 Windy Terrace.  It was a David C. Turner estate sale, and I go to those often.  They're usually in the Lake Highlands area, and they're usually smallish, older homes from the 50s and 60s.  Their prices are pretty fair, especially so if you go on the 2nd or 3rd day.  Here's what I bought from them today:
vintage watches, cufflinks, gold butterfly dish and silver filigree pendent
silver vintage filigree pin- a closer look, because it's so pretty!
vintage watch faces, and a few bands- 9 of them!!
I found all the watches in a baggy with the cufflinks (which I don't care much about) for $15.  That is a seriously LOW price if you've ever priced vintage watches!!  Just one easily could have cost me that much!  And the fact that there was little plastic naked doll in the bag just shows me someone working that sale had a sense of humor.  I mean, how random!  And the butterfly was just a few dollars and I really like it.  I use cute and unique little dishes like this one to hold baubles in my studio.

The next estate sale I hit was at 6840 Northridge.  This one was put on by Clutterblasters.  The name makes it sound like it's just a bunch of crap they ticketed to sale, but it's not clutter at all!  Look what I found today... and there's still plenty to find once mark downs begin tomorrow!
See Saw statue for in the garden-  LOVE THIS
vintage chain (with tassels!! yay!), vintage earrings, and cufflinks
Guess how much the statue was... You're never gonna get it!  So I'll reveal:  $6.  Probably my deal of the day.  Besides those watches at the first sale. The jewelry was priced fairly, and I know with those chains, I'll be able to use them for lots of different repurposing projects.  I love that old base metal-- Today's costume jewelry just doesn't compare.

And the last sale I hit today was at 10748 Eden Roc Drive.  (Someone doesn't know how to spell! Roc? What? hahaha) Lucy and Ethel Do Estate Sales is the company that organized this one.  Here's what I found there:
carved wood box and fancy glass candle holder
small metal trivets and the coolest, ever!,  toothpick holder
let's get a closer look at the toothpick holder!!!  C'MON!!!!
The trivets were $2 each, the wood box was $4, the candle holder, $4, and the toothpick holder was a steal at $6.

Although all of these estate sales were put on by companies rather than just a family, they're all the fair, non-snobby ones.  Pricing is fair, the people are fun to talk to, and it's pretty well organized, but not too organized to take away all the fun of hunting! Oh and they don't charge sales tax like a lot of the people who put on estate sales do.
this is the kind of receipt I prefer when shopping estate sales!
So go check them out this weekend if you get the chance!  Happy junkin'!  :)

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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! You're killing me! You always uncover the BEST finds!!! Not to mention the photos....such beautiful pics!