Friday, July 12, 2013

What's Old is What's New

I've been sparkling up some repurposed vintage jewelry pieces available in the Resparklable Vintage online boutique! (And if they aren't showing up there yet, I promise, they will be in the next day or two.)

So here's what's new:
A bracelet that was made with a pendant from a vintage bracelet that was missing it's clasp...
pink, purple and gold repurposed vintage bracelet
A couple of longer necklaces, great for wearing by themselves, or layering with other pieces...
faux pearls, rhinestones, tassel, and chain= repurposed vintage necklace
vintage green and gold flower pendant on a long gold chain with green dangle beads
A little art deco...
vintage rhinestone art deco pendant on a simple chain with a few dangle beads
Some vintage porcelain pins...
Vintage Cara China Yellow Porcelain Rose Pin
Unsigned Vintage Porcelain Bouquet Pin

And even a funky little 1960s wall clock...
GE Telechron 1960s Wall Clock
Yes, typically, Resparkable Vintage is all about vintage and vintage repurposed accessories. However,  I found this clock at an estate sale, fell in love with it, and brought it home.  But after weeks of trying to find a good place for it in my home and failing, I've decided to find it a home where it can do more than just sit on my countertop, annoying my husband.

All this and more!  Getting out to the mall is just such a hassle. (boo!) And so much of the stuff there looks the same. (ug!)  At Resparkable Vintage you'll find lots of one-of-a-kind items, handmade with serious love, by me!

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