Saturday, July 13, 2013

Repurposing and Redesigning Vintage Jewelry Before and After

I had written a "before and after" post of some vintage jewelry I had repurposed recently, and I got to thinking, "Hey, this could be a regular installment for my blog!"

So here's the 2nd installment of the "Before and After" series.  Hope you enjoy, and hope it inspires you to do some repurposing of things you love, but that need a little redesign to fit into the modern world. (Or, I would be more than happy to do it for you!)

When Fermin and I were in Boerne several months ago visiting our great friends, we made it to a few estate sales.  (Well, of course we did!) Somehow, I glossed over seeing these earrings, but my friend, Kelly, saw them and said, "Kerri, I bet you could do something with these."

vintage clip earrings- BEFORE
They were simple, in that they were just small little clip earrings.  But once I looked a little closer, I saw their exceptional design. They're a silver colored metal base, and underneath some sort of epoxy, there is a deep emerald green, surrounded by waves of gold with some gold rhinestones along the edge. 

I cut and sanded off the clips so the backs were night and smooth.  Then, I just added some beads that I thought complemented the  the earring's design and colors.  Now, they're dangle earrings for pierced ears.
repurposed vintage earrings- AFTER
Just a slight redesign, but now you can quickly see how special they are! These earrings, as well as other repurposed and vintage jewelry are available at my Resparkable Vintage online boutique.

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