Thursday, June 27, 2013


I was at Micheal's the other day buying some paints for my art class, and noticed a jewelry magazine that had done a feature on a lady that makes jewelry similar to the vintage repurposed pieces I make and sell over in my ResparkableVintage Etsy shop.   I barely glanced at it, but today, I went into the bookstore and saw the magazine again, so I looked at it more closely.

And then, one thing led to the next....

I was looking at jewelry magazines (which, surprisingly, there are a ton of), blogging, journaling, and art magazines, and oh my gosh!  I got so inspired.  Not necessarily in the ways I thought I would, but I feel like I've just had a lot of caffeine. 

Which, okay, I have sorta had a lot of caffeine.  But I'm hyped up really just by all the ideas floating around in my head after looking at so many things that I somehow felt very connected to. 

I feel terrible that I cannot credit the artists who drew, colored, painted, etc. the following images that inspired me so, because although I took a photo of them from the magazine, I failed to get the names!!!  Ugh. But I'll find them and add them to this post soon...
"Love with an open heart"
"Refuse to be average.  Let your heart soar as high as it will"  -A.W. Tozer

Some things we love and are drawn to, we know nothing about.  And we ask, "Why am I so pulled towards this?"  I love the mystery of that.  So I'm off to try and figure it out! 
Altered book art, which I'm dying to know much more about!
I think I'm always hoping to discover some untapped talent I have...too help me find that thing I was meant to do and to be.  The more stuff I try, the more likely I am to find it.  And it can be  so fun just trying!

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