Monday, June 17, 2013

Music Monday "Little Numbers" by Boy

The other day, I was ordering a book off of Amazon, and if I spent just a few more dollars I could have free shipping.  That sucks me into an additional purchase every single time. Those Amazon people are smarties!

That was lucky for me though. Who knows if I would've ordered this CD otherwise, but I had just heard a song by BOY on one of the Sirius channels, so it was on my mind.  I'm putting down the song I heard on the radio called "Little Numbers", but really, the whole CD is great, and it doesn't all sound like Feist as much as this one does.  (Nothing against Feist!   I really like her, as a matter of fact.  I just think it's best when everyone has their own distinct sound...)

There's also a acoustic version of "Little Numbers" on the CD which I like even more than this version.  I thought this video was cute tho.  I love the little piano!  :)

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