Thursday, June 6, 2013

Art Begets Art

I've been thinking about why I just signed up for a painting class at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas.  It's not just because I want to learn something.  It's not just because I wanted to fill up a blank canvas, so to speak.  It's not just because I was hoping to meet some new cool people.  It's because I have always believed that art begets art.

Look at Joni Mitchell.  The creative endeavor she's most famous for is her music, but as you likely know, she is a painter too.  In fact, she did the artwork for many album covers.  What a cool way to combine her talents.

David Bowie is also a visual artist, and an actor. You've probably seen some of John Lennon's drawings. Tony Bennett has a book of his artwork.  That list goes on and on.

We also know of actors who do music.  To name a few:  Russell Crow, Kevin Bacon, and lately I've even heard a song by Anna Kendrick on the radio.

I always wonder if there might be something I'd really love to do, and be great at doing, that I've never even tried yet.  So I keep trying various art forms.  I've dabbled in mosaics, drawing, and ceramics to name a few. And although I wouldn't say I necessarily excelled in any of those, they did all get me into that creative zone, and that in itself is magic.

I actually wrote a song about that very thing a few years ago.  I was taking a mosaic class and I was just so in love with putting those tiny pieces together, to see if I could fit them together to make something beautiful.  I came home after a class one day, feeling very inspired and wrote my song, "Magic", which is on my Walk Beside Me CD.  (For my video, I used some photographs I took when my husband and I were on our trip in New England during the Fall Foliage-  That was magic!)

Art begets art.


A thousand tiny pieces, I try to make them fit
'cuz it could be exquisite, when I'm thru with it
I'm not sure where it's heading, this long and winding road
But I sure love the mystery of where it's gonna go

But there's no rush to this
This is magic, it is

It's turning into something, and it's such a great surprise
To see it all unfolding right before my eyes
I see the way the colors have learned to catch the light
And finally all of those pieces have lined up just right

But there's no rush to this
This is magic, it is

I get lost in every moment, and the time disappears
There's nowhere else but right here

And there's no rush to this
This is magic, it is

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Kelly Warren said...

This is truly lovely! Love the lyrics and the melody and the pictures you included in the vid suit it perfect. It's magic! :-)