Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This past Sunday, I sang at a church I sing at every couple of months.  It's sort of a far drive, and it's a morning gig, and on that particular Sunday morning it was pouring down rain.  Ug. It was hard enough to get out of bed, let alone, get myself dressed for church and wake my voice up enough to sing!
this bed is very hard to get out of for obvious reasons
But I made it there.

I sang my songs, and got to listen to the sermon.  It was freezing in the church for some reason, and I must have been shivering or rubbing my arms to try to stay warm as I sat listening.  Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and the woman behind me passed me this note.
"would you like me to bring you my white sweater from the car?"
An older woman I didn't even know.  So, so sweet.  Very much reminded me of my mom with that gesture.  And in that moment, I was so glad I got out of bed and made that drive to sing at church!  (And no, I did not let this sweet lady walk to her car in the rain to get her white sweater for me. I just started feeling warmer after her thoughtful offer.)


Valerie said...

so sweet! dabbing at a little tear...

Melissa Sarno said...

I love this story : ) So sweet.