Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What's Etsy?

I just listed this repurposed vintage necklace in my Etsy shop...
 vintage blue daisy pendant on vintage silver chain

And this one...
vintage butterfly pendant with vintage chain and colorful beads

It's funny. I mention Etsy all the time, assuming that because I'm so into it, everyone else must be too.  But lots of times, people will ask, "What's an Etsy", or actually, lots of times they ask, "What Eatzi?  Isn't that a restaurant somewhere around here?"  (Um, yes it is.  And no, that is not at all what I'm referring to...)  People who have heard of it and shopped there before usually say, "Oh cool!  I LOVE Etsy!"

I'm sort of jealous of you if you don't know about Etsy yet.  And I hope I'm the one who will guide you to it!  You're about to discover something so cool!

Etsy is an e-commerce website where sellers sell direct to customers, and all of the goods are either handmade, vintage, or a little
E is for Etsy
less exciting, supplies.  It's like going to the best and biggest flea market/craft fair from the comfort of your own home, anytime of the day or night! 

For Christmas this year, I bought all my gifts from Etsy.  For each person I was buying for, I'd type in a few key words of things they like.  For example, my brother is the maker of the coolest cruiser bikes on the planet.  He lives and breathes those bikes.  So I typed in "vintage cruiser bike".  If you click on that phrase you can see all the cool stuff that is pulled up for you to look at...  Graphic t-shirts, metal work, photographs, jewelry, and paintings all with bicycles as the theme.  I ended up getting him a really cool keyring holder.  It was made of medal, and it was in the shape of a cruiser bike, or course!  How long would it have taken me to find something so cool, unique and perfect for him had I gone to the mall?

Etsy takes out the middle man.  You're buying directly from the maker of what you're interested in.  The seller makes it, packs it up, and ships it out to you.  And it's always fun to see how they do that...  Some people do fancy, creative stuff, and some people skip that part.  Usually you get a handwritten note from the seller.  I love that!  When you're buying direct, you get the best customer service, because they really care about making the customers happy! 

So head over to, right now!  Do a little poking around... for yourself, or for someone else.  And while your there, check out my little shop called Resparkable Vintage, where I sell repurposed vintage jewelry- and a little untouched vintage jewelry as well!

I'm so jealous!! You're going to have so much fun!!

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