Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vintage Jewelry Destash

I am so happy when it's time to go thru the closet and get rid of stuff.  Sometimes, I go a little overboard.  I once donated all of my dresses to Goodwill.  It felt so good to clear it out, I just kept piling more things in the donation pile.  But a few weeks later, we had a wedding to go to, and I realized I had not a single dress left.  The best part about it was, I got to buy some new dresses!

Today, I listed my first "destash" of vintage jewelry in my Resparkable Vintage shop over at  Sometimes I buy large "lots" of jewelry in auctions.  And not all of it is right for me.  Some of it is gross, and it goes directly in the garbage.  Lots of it, I'm just in love with.  And some of it, even though I like it, I can't figure out anything I want to do with it.  But I bet somebody else can!

Last night, I went through the stuff that I'd been hoarding for a little too long.  The stuff I might never use, that's just been sitting in my studio.  I decided to sell it so someone else could either wear it as it is, or make something really cool with it.

So far, I only listed this one group of 3 floral pins.  I don't want to go overboard!  But there will be more...  
group of vintage pins for sale!  red rose, gold flower bouquet, gold rose


Jaipur Gemstones said...

Beautiful Jewelry and Nice Posting

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