Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Song #1 of the Chronicles

Ah...the first song of The YouTube Chronicles!  Like I said in yesterday's post, what an honor.

I have loved Jason Mraz from the very first single of his I ever heard, which for me was "You and I".  When I saw him live, I loved him even more.  Really light hearted and funny, and a great performer that made whatever size the audience, somehow feel as intimate as a small coffee shop. 

These days tho,  I'll admit, he's become a bit preachy and I'm not digging the stoner hippie look he's currently sporting.  After "I'm Yours" blew up and he got uber famous, he could've really fallen off the deep end.  I guess instead he chose trade in his overly copied fedora wearing short hair for a scraggly mop of curls.  And he went from funny onstage to preaching and crying.  (Did anybody else watch him on Storytellers?)

However, now that I've ragged on him a bit, I've got to give him props for this song that kicks off the chronicles.  I love these lyrics, and I love that the video is lyrical so that the words really sink in.  Just gorgeous.  

93 Million Miles From the Sun by Jason Mraz

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