Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Chronicles of YouTube

My friend Lindsey and I are starting a fun little game/project tomorrow that we're calling The (month long) Chronicles of YouTube.

And here's how it will be played.

I get to pick the first song for the game. Any song/video I choose.  (Whoa... That's a big responsibility and honor-- and yes, I already know what I'm choosing!)

From there, we pass the thread back and forth everyday, and we choose a song we found through that video thread.

If you ever spend any time on YouTube, you know that it tends to turn into a LOT of time.  One thing leads to the next.  And the next.  And the next thing you know, you're watching Andy Gibb and Marilyn McCoo singing hits of the 80s on Solid Gold!

Usually, I read books in the bathtub.  But on the occasion I bring my iPad instead, I inevitably get on YouTube.  Before I know it, it's way past midnight and I'm way past pruney.

So here's our attempt to be a little productive with all that YouTube browsing.  We'll have a chronicle of what led to what over a 31 day period.  Sounds fascinating, huh?

Tune in tomorrow to see what video will kick the whole thing off.  And check in each day during the month of August to read the Chronicles of YouTube.


Valerie said...

I love it! Can't wait to see what comes up. and OMG....look at Andy Gibb's hair! WOW.

Andy Morris said...

I call it "Falling down a Rabbit hole" lost in the nostalgia of forgotten tunes from my childhood, memories flooding my mind some good some sad some peak moments, feeling the cold air everytime I hear Candle In The Wind sitting in Gary's station wagon up all night on stolen beer and acid only car on the road ice and snow green traffic light but we're just sitting there laughing too hard to tell Gary "it's green"