Saturday, August 11, 2012

YouTube Chronicles- Day 10 and 11

In the world we live in, rules were made to be broken!  Today is both day 10 and 11 of the chronicles... For good reason!

Day 10 was Lindsey's pick, and I quote,:
Okay, so in a perfect world, which we'll call "Day #10", I'd have had my Chronicles selection up and ready....well life happens, like good food, good bevs and good friends! Thanks guys! I'll take the latter any day ;) YESTERDAY'S selection is now up. I went from one classic to another in my opinion.....Eric Clapton's Layla! Enjoy, I know I am....! xoxo

Day 11 goes back to a pick by me.  And I think this one is so cool.  I LOVE the cello.  I think of all instruments, it's my very favorite.  Why didn't I ever learn to play it you may ask?  Well, I have no answer.  I regret that I wasn't in orchestra as a kid.  Damn.  I missed that boat. 

Anyway, these guys, "2Cellos" I think they're called, do all sorts of pop songs in duo cello arrangements.  (And some say they look like Jim Carrey and Charlie Sheen.)  I love Coldplay, and although this isn't my favorite song of theirs, it's certainly good enough to warrant recognition here, especially with this cool spin on things!  Check these 2Cello guys out!  They have loads of other songs they've covered as well...  Here's "Viva La Vida", just to get you started:

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