Thursday, August 2, 2012

YouTube Chronicles- Day 2

The journey continues!

After my video selection of Jason Mraz's "93 Million Miles From the Sun", Lindsey continued the thread that lead us to her selection for today.  Here's the post she put on Facebook about her video:
Okay, so here I go, for day 2......Today's YouTube song is Birdy's Skinny Love! This British musician released this cover (original by Bon Iver) back in 2011. I couldn't get over, how reminiscent, her beginning vocals were of Joni Mitchell. Such wonderful memories of the day when I was introduced to her music and the thought provoking lyrics her songs evoke. Thank you, Unc, for your constant and passionate music exposure! xoxo

Kerri - I hope you enjoy!!! (Oh, and I am enjoying!  Can't wait to see where this video choice will lead us to next... Stay tuned for that post tomorrow!)

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