Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 15- YouTube Chronicles

Alright, so I'm technically posting this on day 16, but I'll have the officially day 16 up within the hour.  I was late getting around to see what Lindsey had chosen!

Our first step in to the "goth" genre, and I notice it was posted by "the666gothika".

Here's the post Lindsey made, and the video follows!
Okay, pick for Day #15 has been selected, Diablo Swing Orchestra's Pink Noise Waltz. Kerri....get ready, a Swedish avant-garde band, that's going to enter us into the land of goth, I have a feeling....

Anyway, very unexpected in my opinion. I'll admit, didn't know who they were but pleasantly surprised and happy to come upon them :)

Oh, and BTW, you're right....totally needed the tissues for 2Cellos' Field's of Gold. I love how music is capable of moving us in such a way.....


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