Sunday, August 5, 2012

YouTube Chronicles- Day 5

One of the "rules" for me and Lindsey's little YouTube game, is that you can't veer too very far off the last thread-  You can use any songs listed to the right of video last selected, and you can even go to the "load more suggestions" button at the bottom.  But that's it.  No further can you stray to find the next song for the YouTube Chronicles.

The other songs listed on the "Need You Now" page were mainly more Lady Antebellum songs, artists I liked but singing songs I didn't, or older songs that weren't really moving me.
Until I tapped on this one.

Eminem always sounds and looks so angry!  And so does Rihanna!  And they both have some domestic abuse in their personal background, which makes this song especially believable and probably personal.  For me, a song has to ring true for me to like it.  And this one most certainly does.

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